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Dragonmaster Cale’s guide to Diceless Role Playing

The Galactic Information Database – Information on how the galaxy currently stands, notable people in it, and facts or rumors about things.

Attributes: Every character has three separate attributes. These three attributes govern how good you are at what you’re doing, and if you can beat the other guy at it.

  • Battle – How good you are at fighting and your resistance to battle based force powers.
  • Mind – How smart you are, how much you know, and your resistance to mind based force powers.
  • Life – How much damage you can take, how long you can keep fighting, how much general energy you have, and using the force also drains your life.

Abilities: Abilities cover everything from your mastery of the force, to the ability to fly a spaceship! (Along with possibly ripping someone’s arms off, tucking them into their belt, and sending them running.)

Items: Most items don’t cost points, they cost credits. However, there are a few things that even money can’t buy, or that you want to have that special something inside of it. (Pending)

  • Crit or Fail A system that allows you to attempt to critically succeed or horrendously fail by rolling a D20.
  • The Light Side A system for following the path of the Jedi and its effects.
  • The Dark Side A system for handling going down the path of the dark side and its effects.

Main Page

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