Hope, according to history, is the most brilliant scientist and inventor in the galaxy. Designer of the Holocom and leader in cybernetic and droid technology, she is the only person to of created an organic droid; though it required the aid of one of the ancients force orbs.

Hope has lost much over the years, including two daughters. She blames Lin, her former boyfriend, along with Croagnifit and a handful of others. She has grown more recluse over the years, spending her time with Jerund Taloff and conducting new experiments to further science.

For patent purposes, she and Taloff have kept the places their work a secret, not even sharing it with their friends.

She has started attending the Hero’s of Ithor reunion’s less and less over the years, and when she does most of it is spent talking to her only remaining daughter Sssco; if the latter is even present.

Her body seems to of not aged a day over the course of forty years…


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