Ginix is a GX100 model assassin droid who was encountered working as an assassin for a bounty hunter aboard the Deepa II. After the death of his owner, he quickly begged the organics for his life, who were gracious enough to let him be spared.

After many misadventures, including being fused to a ships hall, having his vocabulator removed, and being beaten into pieces by Owen, he has shown himself to be a forgiving droid and has helped the Hero’s of Ithor on their quests. He is the only droid known to have a Mulinear frame that was given to him by Hope, possibly making him the sturdiest droid in the galaxy.

After the great battle of Ithor, Ginix sought out other droids who were tired of being told what to do by fleshies and meatbags. From the parts and pieces left from Shower and The Core’s destruction, he and the droids built a new planet. Planet Droid.

He now rules there, offering droid services to those he deems worthy to receive it and blowing up anyone who seeks to pillage from his world.

For the first thirty years he attended all of the Hero’s of Ithor reunions, but over the last decade he has missed one or two, stating other important concerns on Droid that demanded his full attention.


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