Droid was put together from the scraps and pieces leftover from the destruction of Shower and The Core by Ginix and a large collection of othger droids.

Ginix has created a droid utopia upon planet Droid. A place where droids can come to be free of the tyrannical rule of their meatbag owners. Fleshy’s are rarely welcomed on Droid, though there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Droid doesn’t always produce the best droids one could find. In fact, most have errors in their programs and personality circuits. Still, the planet is a beacon of hope for droidkind.

Because of fear and desire for riches a planet full of droids without owners could offer, planet Droid has been subject to a number of attacks over the years. None have been sucessful however and now the meatbags know to leave the droids alone. So far no droid armies have been created to at tack the fleshy populace, but everyone is wary of a planet with a droid in charge of it.


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