Notable NPC's

Urtz Rebelrouser – The leader of the Alliance of Free Worlds council.

Darth Vindictus
The god of droids
The Master

Sssco – She dreamed of destroying the Fulminar. Her dream came true.
Thorin – An old, old mercenary.

Aza – She resurrected her brother only to have him die again.
Freya Windrider – Magnus’ greatest general.
Ginix – Once a simple assassin droid, he now controls the planet Droid.
Hope – A brilliant scientist and inventor who has lost too much.
Jerund Taloff – The most brilliant cloner the galaxy has ever known.
Lin – A brilliant scientist, doctor, and researcher.
Ortuuugg – A gamorrean that was, briefly, Queen Zora’s second husband.
Rancor – A self-aware, sentient, and force using former servant of the Ancients.
Saris Ashley – She runs the galactic tournament on Bothawaui.
TRUTH – Half dead, half prophet, and successful holonet psychic.
Vanes – A famous Devaronian holonews journalist.

Allasandria – Owen’s daughter
Nuro – Trandomar’s son.
Raan – Owen’s son.


Corisanlia – Wielder of ice and wife of Owen.
Draedulus – Brought back to life by Dia Ven, he later took her hand in marriage.
Lahsonaf – A narrow minded fulminar who has been tempered by her husband Daskar’Jinn.
Nistakoraem – One of the few survivors of Fulminar genocide, though her form is diminished.
Vahliuorieth – The only known fulminar to of become a force spirit after death.



  • Arathi Noir – Arena Manager & Casino Owner
  • Fest – Head of a Mercenary guild house.
  • Ginix – A droid.
  • Hope – A brilliant scientist.
  • Ivpikiss – A gang leader on the unnamed Space Station, allied with the Crimson Nova’s.
  • Jakesh the Hutt – A notorious Hutt.
  • Jerund Taloff – A master of cloning and genetic manipulation.
  • Layla AshleyDECEASED: A former arena champion.
  • Maline – A reporter for the Galactic News Broadcast
  • Marr Ashley – Current arena champion and father of Layla Ashley.
  • Max Skyhigh – A black market dealer.
  • Merrick – A weapon and arms dealer located in Shower Academy.
  • Orychee – A Myneyrsh who has sacrificed the ways of his people to become the Pirate King.
  • Perit – A Mon Calamari who leads a gang who’s main source of income is spice.
  • R2 D4 – A droid that once tried to control a world.
  • Roland Brother of Magnus Hyperion.
  • Syntha – An experimental prototype created by Hope.
  • Shill Eon – A crack pilot and smuggler.
  • Urtz Rebelrouser – A former slave who fights for freedom.
  • Thorin – One of Fest’s mercenaries.
  • [[Vizzal’teksa]] – A Twi’lek slave paid for and freed by Darin.


  • Heiwa – She speaks in telepathic whispers.
  • Karis – A G.E.F. who tried to control the galaxy twice and failed.
  • Sensoo – A great healer.
  • Zarin Murr – A shapeshifting force for good.
  • Zorin Murr – Terrorist against the Empire and Fulminar.

NEW REPUBLIC (now wiped out) / JEDI ACADEMY (also wiped out)

  • Charis – A great Jedi Master of old.
  • LotusDECEASED: Leader of the Jedi Academy.


  • Ikus – A mysterious man who holds a powerful weapon.




  • Nye – A servant that maintains the gates of Gigaspace.
  • Croagnifit – The ancient who created droids.

Notable NPC's

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