Aza is the sister of Charis and once worked with him fighting for the New Republic. After the death of their sister Nami, and then the death of Charis afterwards, Aza left the New Republic to its own devices.

Seeking a way to resurrect her dead brother, Aza took up apprenticeship under the dark Jedi Tari Nar, joining the Empire and committing more than a few questionable deeds as far as Jedi are concerned. Even helping to bring about the New Republic and Jedi Academy’s downfall.

With the help of Adam Rithe, Kormin Blithman, and a number of other adventurers, Aza was able to resurrect Charis using a machine of The Ancients located in Habitat 13 on Ossus.

Aza returned to working for the Empire until her brothers death. After which she helped The Hero’s Of Ithor in their battle against the Fulminar; particularly against Trinity and Zora.

Since then she has remained aloof, never staying in one place very long. Her attendance at the reunions on The Unnamed Station are sporatic at best.


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