Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

One With The Ancients

Descending down the turbolift, XO’s voice sounded along with a loud alert sound informing the group that time distortion wave was about to pass and that after this time would be sealed. With some quick work by Dia to charge up the time stabiliziers and power from the two Rancor force spirits, the group survived the wave without any noticeable damages.

Arriving on a floor with an large office space, scientists and technicians were moving around frantically calculating what had changed with time due to the resent events on Ithor. While gathering information about the changes themselves, it was found that Ithor had likely been destroyed, though the causesd were unknown. While gathering more information, Ginix The god of droids showed up.

Rather than fight, the droid spoke with the party about The Master aka Hope wanting to speak with them. On the way, Ginix informed them of the changes that had occurred. Ithor had been consumed by the ancient Malvick who had been resurrected after Allasandria and her children had destroyed the Death Star before it could fire upon the planet.

Meanwhile, Owen and Corisanlia had gone into a force trance suspension induced by TRUTH on a ship. Palpatine and TRUTH had looked into the future with farseeing and knew the exact moment and place The Core would reappear. Arriving with General Grimes, Palpatine, Owen, Corisanlia, TRUTH, and Dia Ven’s panther droid they were tractor beamed into The Core. Where they met up with Ginix and the rest of the group.

Palpatine immediately declared he was the leader and, without objection from the others, lead the way with Ginix towards Hope. TRUTH lagged behind and spoke quietly with the two Rancor force spirits.

Arriving in a grand audience chamber, Hope sat upon a throne of metal and wires. Jerund Taloff was working on a new clone of Tari’Nar who seemed just about ready to come out of his tank, along with Krileek the jawa who had been murdered in the past by Magnus. Krueller, Syntha, XO, Daskar’Jin, Lahsonaf, Kormin, and Sssco were here as well.

Hope explained how she had only done what she did to bring her daughters back to life. Arguing that the murder of them all wasn’t the best way to go about it, the group reasoned back and forth. Finally, in face of the new threat of Mavick the ancient coming to destroy them all, Hope and the group decided to work together.

Palpatine demanded the green orb Charis held, claiming he and Anakin could stop this ancient with its power! Not having any of it, the group argued back. It came close to blows, but then TRUTH spoke. He had knowledge of the way to construct a machine that would blend the ancients who had disappeared into the force with those that were here now. It was only possible because the two Rancor force spirits were now existing at the same time. TRUTH also claimed that he had forseen all of this for centuries and was just waiting for it all come to pass, though he did thank Trandomar and the rest of the group for making certain decisions that led to this. Always in motion is the future!

Owen convinced Anakin and Palpatine to surrender, and the two did rather than be destroyed by the overwhelming odds that faced them.

After much debate and back and forth discussion with Hope, Ginix, and the group, it was decided that the twelve people who would blend with the corresponding ancients were:

  • Charis with Lalaorien. (Light)
  • So Leet with Muchorig. (Earth)
  • Ginix with Pyril. (Fire)
  • Hope with Falala. (Wind)
  • Trinity with Esca. (Darkness)
  • Corisanlia with Wasin. (Water)
  • Dia Ven with Croagnifit. (Technology Life)
  • Syntha with Serenitaen. (Technology Blending)
  • TRUTH with Tynesha. (Farseeing)
  • Owen with Shirillen. (Healing)
  • Trandomar with Alisae. (Amplification)
  • Magnus with Bokala. (Creation)

The machine was built quickly due to the help of Syntha, XO, Hope, Rancors, Dia Ven, and Grimes. After its activation the heroes were linked with their Ancient counterparts and went out to face the ancient Mavick.

A horrendous battle of death and destruction began as Mavick showed up with Allsandria and her children. The planet droid was torn in half and the Core was nearly shredded as well. During the battle the heroes came into contact with the minds of the Ancients that shared their power. As the machine completed its work, the heroes did battle against the ancients brood. Defeating their opponents in a fury of lightsabers, force powers, and on the spot created weapons, the machine finished its work and the heroes became fully blended with the ancients.

Magnus became a deadly griffon, So Leet become a massive deomir bear, Trandomar a seven headed hydra, Dia Ven a panther, Owen a phoenix, Trinity a bahamut, TRUTH a spider, Hope a roc, Ginix giant fire assassin droid, Syntha, Corisanlia, and Charis became dragons.

Using their new power, Mavick was dealt with and ripped to shreds. Trinity using Esca’s power destroyed his force spirit forever, removing him and any powers of the force he manifested from the galaxy forever.

Returning back into the Core a celebration was had, hosted by Hope. Lost loved ones were brought back to life (particularly Raan, Owen’s son!), Corisanlia’s memories were restored (more or less!), Vahliuorieth was able to enter her physical body, and it was decided that with their new power and bodies they would make a new galaxy. Charis, after speaking with Trandomar, would found a new jedi order to deal with all of the force users. Daskar’Jin agreed to join this new academy if Charis was leading it and as long as Trandomar was not in charge!

Eventually, the machine Hope had built to change time was deconstructed. She had made a brain dead clone of Rancor with Jerund Taloff and Krileek in order to manipulate time, along with using the calculating power of XO, herself, and Syntha she found the key points to change in order to allow her daughters to live.

In the end, though the timelines had changed and countless had died, the threat to time had been removed. Time had been sealed due to the destruction of the black orb in the future. Now a new race of Ancients will reshape and create the galaxy, ruling over it for now and into eternity! Long live the ancients! For the force is them!

Credit Roll:

Trandomar was played by Zack. He enjoys collectible card games and computers!
Trinity was played by Casandra. She enjoys gaming and her kid(s)!
Owen was played by Kyle. He enjoys rpgs and traveling to china!
Magnus was played by Nick. He enjoys gaming, cooking, and rugby! (Official dip provider!)
Queen Zora was played by Lexus. She enjoys gaming and spending time with Kevin!
So Leet was played by Kevin. He enjoys ultimate frisbee and FPS’!
Dia Ven was played by Briana. She enjoys gaming and netflix!
Mace Windu was played by Samuel L. Jackson. He enjoys killing sith lords!
Darth Vader was played by James Earl Jones. He enjoys breathing without machinery!
And Rancor as himself! He enjoys eating people!

Special thanks to Daizy who provided good insights and clever story ideas!

Thanks for playing everyone! I appreciate all of your feedback and the great times we shared traveling through the Star Wars galaxy over the years! May the force be with you!

The Core

General Grimes informed the Empire forces that in order to breach the shield surrounding the planet Core, they would have to knock out one of the orbiting shield satellites. This would require a quick strike into the satellite to shut down its generator and a quick escape to make it through the concurrent breach. Dia Ven arrived to join the group, and no questions were asked on where she’d been or why she was showing up, but her aide was appreciated nonetheless!

Anakin was contacted by Emperor Palpatine who told him that his companions would need time stabiliziers if they were to survive the trap that The Master had prepared for them in The Core. Sacrificing some stormtroopers lives, Anakin took their time devices and handed them over to those that needed them.

After taking care of the satellite and shutting down the generator inside, the group punched through the shield along with the help of some Trandomar force using action.

Once inside, The Core seemed empty though maintained. Heading through the city streets, Dia Ven led the way using her enhanced memory, following the old route the group once used when Croagnifit was resurrected by them.

On the way they were contacted by Hope aka The Master. After some debate about the wrong and rights of what Hope was doing and before any real discussion could be finished, Trandomar destroyed all nearby monitors. Deciding this was an end to the conversation, Hope cut off the holocom transmission as well.

Descending down into the planet, the group made their way to one of the many generators that powered the Superlaser Cannon, hoping to save Ithor from the blast.

Arriving at the generator room, they found the door was not even locked. Upon opening it however, time rippled and changed…

Trandomar found himself on Ithor, facing an alternate version of himself. One that had followed Daskar’Jin to make a new jedi order. They stood on the burning planet of Ithor, which this Trandomar said was burning because Trandomar had failed in his job to create a true jedi order that followed the proper ways. Trandomar was having none of it, and killed his other self.

Magnus was on the steps of the coliseum on myrmidon where he faced himself was King. A King with force powers, who claimed he could of saved Roland his brother as Magnus had failed to due. Citing that Roland had been given enough chances, Magnus and his other King self did battle, resulting in the King’s death.

Dia Ven appeared on the slave ship that had taken her from the homeworld of Ryloth facing her former slave master Keerik. Not bothering to exchange words the bounty hunter Dia opened fire, and through some sneaky maneuvering got the upper hand and murdered her once owner.

Trinity, admist the forest in the The Unnamed Station came across her daughter Aria all grown up. Aria told her mother that Hope had raised her after being saved from the ravages of time that occurred. She blamed Trinity for not being able to save or protect her. Trinity argued back that it was Hope herself who caused all of the trouble. After great lengths of debate, Aria agreed to side with her mother as long as Trinity made a promise that she would protect and take care of her. Trinity did so, and Aria began to speak of a machine, but her words were cut off as her body was unraveled from time, possibly by Hope.

Arriving back before the opening doors of the generator room, and seemingly none worse for the wear, the group went in to find Aza, Tari’Nar, Kueller, Lord Nightmare, Nuro, and a small army of droids. Battle commenced as Dia Ven moved to shut down the generator, though she was interrupted by XO, the artificial intelligence of the Core that Hope claims as one of her daughters.

Anakin and Rancor battled against Aza. Magnus made quick work of Lord Nightmare. Tari’Nar and Trandomar battled, with Trandomar hard pressed to stall until another could come help him. Washeferneen dealt with Kueller while So Leet blasted the droids.

After Lord Nightmare was dealt with, Magnus fought against Tari’Nar. During the battle he struck and destroyed the black orb of the Ancients, freeing the force spirits contained therein. Aza seemed the most difficult foe, and only through the joint efforts of Anakin, Charis’ force spirit, and Rancor beating her into the gangplanks repeatedly was she knocked out.

Charis took the force orb, claiming it needed to be destroyed for its power was to great to be used. Anakin argued that the orb should be given to him, but he was deterred by the words from Trandomar and the others. Trinity told Charis she needed the orb to come back to life. Charis told her that death is a natural way of the force and was not something to be feared, for we are all luminous beings and not crude matter.

Still, it was agreed that for now the orb would be left intact despite Charis’ misgivings. The force spirits that were released from the orb continued either battling or talking. The two Rancor force spirits, once just released in the wrong time and the other who had been traveling with the group spoke of the troubles now facing them. One thing they both agreed on, another ripple of time would be coming and this, due to the destruction of the orb and what occured on Ithor, would be greater than all of the others.

Now the group heads to where they believe The Master will be waiting…

What will the new ripple of time due to the timeline? Will Trinity decide to go back into her body and let herself flow back into the force? What happened back on Ithor with the Death Star and Allasandria and her children? Will the original timeline ever be restored or will a new timeline have to be brought into exsitence? What of Rancor’s words of Croagnifit slumbering in the depths of The Core? And what of Ginix and the planet droid?! Will our heroes survive?! Find out next time in Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages Of Time!

Death And Destruction

Arriving in the new timeline of the past on the Death Star under the command of Enforcer General Anakin Skywalker, the group was immediately recognized by name and brought to the war planning room. Anakin had expected their arrival, for the Emperor had forseen their coming, along with a great many other things.

They were told of a new experimental weapon that had been made just for their group that might be able to absorb and then reflect the planet destroying beam weapon of Droid. Each person would have their own role to fulfill, and while it was experimental it was the only hope to keep Ithor from being reduced to asteroids within the first few moments of the battle.

Coming out of hyperspace the war began and soon droids and tie fighters filled the stars. Trandomar brought the machine into position above Ithor just as the planet Droid fired its planet destroying weapon. The beam was channeled down the blades of legend and through the machine, where it was fired back at Droid, destroying the main weapon for the time being.

The machine however began to explode, tumbling through the rift of time that hovered around Ithor. As the group traveled through the rift, they experienced a strange phenomenon. Each of them were flicking back and forth between their past selves on Ithor and their current selves on the machine.

Rancor warned he was unsure of the consequences of going to their past selves, and Vahliuorieth said she would do what she could to help. Making their choices, Trandomar, Owen, Magnus, and Zora took control of their past selves bodies.

Trinity and So Leet remained behind, seeing their companions fall lifeless on the machine as it exploded around them. Grabbing So Leet, Trinity folded space in the midst of a heart attack, arriving on the ship that bore a planetary shield generator to be installed on the planet below.

Medics arrived to save Trinity, but the heart attack had gone on too long and the jedi master died. Before her force spirit could be absorbed into the force, Vahliuorieth grabbed hold and kept her in place.

Informing Anakin that they now had no way to get the generator down to the planet, the dark lord opened fire on their ship, destroying the engines to make sure they got down there, one way or the other.

Meaniwhile, Magnus found himself nearing the end of his battle in the past with Washeferneen. After some arguging back and forth, and the appearance of the planet Droid and the Core in the skies above, the sword wielding fulminar decided to help Magnus deal with Daskar’Jin.

Zora appeared with the Trinity of the past in the middle of a fight with Aza. However, this Aza no longer had blonde hair, but was blackened with red streaks running through it. With the help of some impressive lightsaber combat and the use of the ancients green orb, she first executed Trinity and then delimbed Queen Zora. Claming she and the others were responsible for Charis her brother not being brought back to life, she moved into to finish Zora, who barely had time to fold space away into the forest. Allsandria called out to her child, promising to help her. Zora arrived with another roll space and was offered a new body as long as she wasn’t picky. Deciding it was better than having no limbs, Zora accepted and had her force spirit ripped from her body and then placed inside of a young fulminar. She then left to join up with Trandomar who…

Had arrived in his past body alongside Sssco, Kormin, and So Leet of the past. Spotting the falling shield generator bearing ship the jedi master grabbed hold of it, lowering it safely, albeit a bit quickly, to the ground. He then headed for the fulminar threat in the distance, hoping to stop the resurrection of the fulminar ancient Mavick. However, during his journey The Core appeared in the sky above.

So Leet, Twitch, R2-D4, and force spirits Rancor, Trinity, and Vahliuorieth worked to protect the shield generator and get it operational. Droid dropships began to land along with Darth Vindictus. So Leet requested help and none other than Anakin himself showed up. Dealing with the droid army that continually fell from the sky, So Leet was left to deal with Vindictus.

After a ferocious battle, Vindictus was left without one arm and So Leet had a lightsaber wound cut through half of his stomach. TRUTH having arrived at the last moment to help finish the sith off with a surprising show of force power.

The shield generator went operational just in time to stop The Core’s initial death beam blast. However, the shield gave out after the first volley leading the group to one decision: They would have to destroy The Core’s generator to stop another blast from destroying Ithor.

Meanwhile, Daskar’Jin and Magnus got into a heated debate about the right and wrongs of what Daskar was doing. Eventually, it led to blows and a fight began. However, after the shot from The Core hit the planetary shield and a few more words from Magnus, Daskar changed his mind and decided to work with Magnus to stop The Master. However, he still vowed to deal with Trandomar in his own way.

Furthermore, Allasandria and the fulminar were persuaded to deal with this new threat, forestalling the resurrection process the fulminar flew upwards towards The Core along with our heroes.

Now The Master and The god of droids must be faced. Will the might of Anakin and the Empire be enough to stop the destruction of Ithor? Will our hero’s live through the assault? Will Trinity find a way to get back into her own body? What will become of Zora now that she is in the body of a fulminar? What enemies await them on The Core? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!

What To Do About Ithor

Hope appeared as a giant hologram above the crashed ship on the planet myrmidon. She spoke to the group, claiming that they were in the wrong for what they had done to time. All she had done was to bring her children back to life, including Sssco who had died 3 years into the groups future. When confronted with the fact that she had murdered them in the past, Hope explained that much of it was Daskar’Jin’s price for his aide in rending time and saving her children from their fate. After negotiations broke down, the hologram faded.

Deciding to use fold space to move the planet Myrmidon, Freya Windrider told them they had to destroy the large destroyer class ship, otherwise The Master and The god of droids would be able to track and destroy them.

So Leet, Trinity, and Zora along with ten myrmidon volunteers folded space into the ship and began making their way through, destroying droids as they went. Entering the core engine room, Trinity set to work on overloading the ship while So Leet protected her by destroying assassin droids. Meanwhile, Zora held off a giant Hunter droid. However, her leg was destroyed in the process.

Returning, minus the myrmidons, they sought the help of Doctor Owen, who couldn’t save her life. Unsure of what to do, the group sought alternatives but couldn’t come up with any viable solutions. General Niaoth, under servitude by Zora, begged that his queen should take his life so that she might live. With her last dieing breath Zora used her dark force abilities to rip the life essence of the general and put them inside of her own. So great was the act that her body become corrupted by the dark side, manifesting in a grotesque blob of knotted and gnarly flesh on her stomach. Jedi Master Trandomar turned away with his head hung low…

After dealing with the droid army that had poured forth from the destroyer ship, King Magnus and Freya brought the myrmidons together to have Trinity fold space the entire planet away. As she took her step, she felt myrmidon minds disappearing one after the other from the chain of life. As more and more disappeared, she halted the move, wanting to spare anymore myrmidons from dieing. Unfortunately, the stop merged them with the planet Galantos, causing both planets to start shaking and coming apart!

Franticly, it was decided to continue on despite the myrmidon losses and so the planet Myrmidon was brought to where Coruscant once existed. Over 300,000 myrmidons were lost in the escape, but the planet and its people were safe for a time.

Owen and Trinity pleaded with Magnus to ask Freya to not pursue duels to the death with them, and Magnus decided to lay down his crown for the sake of his friends, giving it to Freya. Freya, not content with just being queen, asked for ships and supplies as well. Ships, at least, were promised as The Hero’s Of Ithor went back in time.

Attacks by droids had been becoming more frequent, but thanks to Mace Windu, Sssco, Crash and Allasandria, no one had been harmed yet. Wedge and Shill were sent back to the future to train myrmidon pilots along with ships that had been purchased through some borrowing and lending and quite a bit of gambling by Shill.

Rancor was asked to pull more help through time. While the Force master was growing weary of constant requests, he aided the group nonetheless, knowing that the stakes were high. Twitch, ]]Qui-Gon’Jinn]], and General Grimes were brought through time. The attempt to pull Dia Ven failed however, Rancor seemed perplexed and was unsure why she could not be brought.

Grimes set to work coming up with various scenarios and strategies on how to go about dealing with the forces at work on Ithor. In the end, it was decided they would try to hire on with the Empire as mercenaries, working with them to destroy the Fulminar, save their past selves, and hopefully deal with Hope and Ginix’s forces should they arrive.

Oh, and Trandomar’s legs rotted and Owen chopped them off.

The fate of time and the groups lives hangs in the balance. Will time ever be restored to how it was before or will our heroes have to find a place in a new existing timeline? Will Qui-Gon and Crash be able to convince Daskar to give up his made crusade against Trandomar and the rest of the hero’s of Ithor? Will Ithor even survive the massive onslaught it is about to face? Are our hero’s truly ready to deal with the enemies that await them? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON STAR WARS EPISODE XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!

King Of Myrmidon (Or Queen?)

The Hero’s Of Ithor along with [Sssco and Mace Windu traveled into the future to Myrmidon in order to stop Roland from begin force using myrmidon forces back into the past!

After some careful investigation and questioning by the group, they managed to befriend Bartogg the bartender at a local inn. Gathering rumors and secrets about the King’s policies and the general situation on myrmidon, the party was told to seek out General Thundarr who had been exiled to the forests.

After a large spout with some of the droid police that infest the planet, crashing of an entire ship into a village killing and wounding multiple myrmidon by Trandomar, and some fine doctoring by Owen, the group managed to deal with the droids and escape into the forest.

After some impressive scouting and trap avoiding by So Leet, the group made contact with Thundarr and went down to an underground rebel camp led by two other Generals: Ramel and Freya Windrider.

Indicating that in order for Magnus to lead myrmidon, he would first have to convince the rebels to join under his command. After a bit of banter between Freya and the group, Magnus gave his speech. It was well received by the myrmidon who wanted any glimmer of hope to rise up against Roland.

The battle of the coliseum took place the following day. Magnus made a proud proclamation, defying Roland and his rule! Chaos began, during which Freya also made her claim to the throne! Raging battles began!

So Leet and Trandomar laid down covering fire and move object assaults.
Owen and Trinity dealt with Freya, convincing her to aide Magnus in his bid for kingship on the condition she would get a one on one duel with each of them after it was all over.
Zora used servitude on General Naioth, bringing his forces under her control and helped deal with one of the rampaging Rancor’s.
As the battle wound down, Roland and Magnus were locked in a deathly struggle, each raging against the other, seeking his brothers life. Roland’s cybernetics were revealed as the damage worsened, and in the end with a well placed grenade his body was exploded to pieces.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, So Leet, and Zora managed to take down a star destroyer sized class capital ship. Unfortunately in doing so Trandomar accidentally veered it into half of the coliseum, killing over twenty thousand myrmidon warriors.

Magnus has claimed kingship and sat upon the throne, greatly wounded. Freya has pledged to follow him. The myrmidons in the coliseum have seen the great strength of the old king. A million or more other myrmidon now come towards the coliseum while the crashed ship has broken in two, part of it destroying the capital city of myrmidon.

Will Magnus be able to hold onto his throne? Will the other myrmidon clans bow before his will? Will Freya keep to her deal and follow Magnus? Will The Master and The god of droids arrive before the group returns back into time? What will they do with the myrmidon? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages Of Time!

The Single Sentance

The Ancients granted our heroes a boon for the service they had done for time and them. After some heated discussions it was decided that with the help of the Ancient Croagnifit their time stabliziers would be fixed so any damage to them would not erase their bearers from time.

Heading back through time to their present, another wave of time rent the galaxy. History itself re-shuffled from the events that took place. Hope however had built a machine in both parts of the timeline that would allow major events and changes to be recorded. She also stated she was on the verge of learning who was behind the rending of time as well.

Recovering, the heroes rested for close to a week, tending wounds and seeing to personal issues that needed care. Trandomar was visited by Charis, his teacher in the ways of the force, and given guidance on how to proceed with the Jedi Academy and its current issues. Hope finished her machine, along with a new cybernetic eye for Zora, and fired it up. The machine brought forth information on the new timeline. Three great events had taken place:

  • Anakin Skywalker was claimed as Palpatine’s son. The two of them bringing the galaxy under the single rule of the Empire.
  • The Ancients machine was never sought out by Tari’Nar (for he was never created) and as such, Aza never found it either. It is highly suspected that Karis used the machine and granted every being in the galaxy the ability to wield the force.
  • The battle of Ithor against the Fulminar now had Empire forces led by Anakin Skywalker, and The Hero’s Of Ithor were killed during the event.

Hope came to the realization that she was The Master at the exact same moment a group of 50 droids came through time, attempting to abduct Rancor and Hope. Appearing with them were Daskar’s son Crash and Owen’s daughter Allsandria aka Alice. The group made short work of the droids, but not before two of them escaped with Hope, who’s final words were ‘See you in the future’.

Crash and Alice had a lot of information, though sounded confused about some of the events that had taken place. In the end, it was found that the Hero’s Of Ithor were murdered on Ithor and the Empire in combination with Myrmidon forces led by Roland defeated the resurrection of the Ancient Fulminar. After much debate on what to do and many visions into the always in motion future, it was decided to head to Myrmidon to deal with Roland in the hopes that it would stop his forces traveling to the past to aide the Empire on Ithor.

Rancor has warned that the time shuffles may came more rapidly now though gave no explanation as to why this was. Then again nobody asked him. Deciding that our hero’s would need help, he reached through time and the timelines to pull Mace Windu, Wedge Antilles, and R2-D4 in order to aide the party.

Now the group is ready to head for Myrmidon where they will face an entire planet full of Myrmidon force users. Will the group be able to survive such a perilous world? What changes has Roland made while he has reigned as King? Is Freya Windrider working with him willingly? Will people remember their old King? Find out next time in Star Wars Episode XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!!!

Darths & Death

Arriving in the past on Ossus during the battle that wiped the New Jedi Order from the galaxy years ago the The Hero’s Of Ithor minus Trandomar and Magnus looked into the force for answers.
Seeing visions of fulminar, dark gloves and a red lightsaber (which later turned out to be Darth Vader), the group decided to assassinate one of the adult humanoid Fulminar that So Leet thought he remembered seeing. Zora also received a vision of the fulminar winning the upcoming war contrary to history through the force during a seizure, though it is known she lacks the farseeing ability.

Ignoring requests of help in their mind from Allasandria, Trinity and Zora continued along with the group rather than interact with their possibly insane mother.

After a small skirmish with some stormtroopers, the group managed to give the adult Fulminar some deadly wounds and possibly death! Inciting the fulminar to charge, the army of Imperials and Jedi joined the march, coming together in a massive onslaught of death and carnage.

Using a device made by Hope, the group made their way into Habitat 13 before it got to bad and any serious wounds were given. The Habitat demanded answers or death from the group, and after a narrow escape from being gassed to death, Owen managed to say the key words of using the power of the ancients, allowing them access through the complex.

Finding The Ancients and their orbs (or 7 of the 13 at least) and their great machine that can change the way the force works, the group explained that time had been rent and dark forces were coming to change how events took place here in the past.

After consulting with the pink ancient Tynesha, it was decided that the Heroes of Ithor would wait in an adjoining chamber, waiting to ambush and stall the dark forces while the Ancients and their chosen used the machine.

The chosen passed by and soon the dark presences came into the chamber, lead by none other than Darth Vader himself. Battle commenced!

During the exchange of lightsabers and blaster bolts, Trinity and Darth Vindictus (Vader’s current apprentice) switched bodies using an ancient sith technique. Vader, after battling with Zora, was defeated in combat by Magnus and was folded space out by Vindictus after the battle.
So Leet dealt with Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo, the trio leaving the battle and once again giving up their goal of bringing the ability to wield the force to every living being in the galaxy.
One great casualty befell Owen however. After injecting himself with spice to help deal with his possible past self Lord Nightmare, along with his son Raan and Trandomar’s son Nuro, he found that Raan had been killed by Zora. Enraged, Owen sent dark energies towards the fulminar, but thanks to So Leet shooting a stun blast at Owen it did not prove fatal to the queen.
Interrogating Lord Nightmare for information, the sith whispered dark information into the doctors ear, and was soon sedated into unconsciousness.

Now, the Heroes of Ithor (minus Trandomar) stand in the Habitat of the Ancients. The machine has been used to, hopefully, bring Charis back to life, keeping the timeline intact. Raan lays dead at Owen’s feet.

Will the timeline be kept safe? Will Owen seek revenge for the death of his son? What will become of Trinity’s new body? What was Magnus doing while the group went off into the past? Will Trandomar ever get out of the bacta tank? What of Rancor’s words saying the timeline will re-shuffle when next they return? And who is the Master and the god of droids?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON STAR WARS EPISODE XV – Ravages Of Time!

Possible Changes To Time:

  • The adult humanoid fulminar leader was shot and possibly killed.
  • The Ancients were spoken too.
  • No other changes as of yet, but our Heroes are still in the past!
Tattooine Tumults

The Heros of Ithor continued storming Jabba’s palace, making their way piecemeal to the power plant that harbored the cloaking mechanism that shielded the droids throughout the area.

Entering the plant, they found a droidified dark jedi named Kueller and a jawa named Krileek. Magnus, So Leet, and Trandomar engaged the enemy while calling for backup.

As the smell of ozone cleared from blaster fire and lightsaber clashes, Krileek lay dead and Trandomar had only one limb remaining. Kueller escaped by activating a time stablizier and moving forward into time again, claiming even if he did die he would simply be revived by the god of droids. Krileek made no such claims.

With the droids no longer cloaked, the group made quick work of the remaining battle droids and prepared for the pod race and to save Anakin’s life.

Setting up along the track, the ambushes of droids and sand people were dealt with. LX-032 was cloaked upon the field with a personal cloaking device. Thanks to So Leet’s sharp eyes, he was discovered and felled before he could do in Anakin Skywalker. After the race goodbyes were said, Trandomar giving a few choice words to Qui-Gon’Jin. Shill acquired a ship which was used as a decoy when the party went back through the rift in time.

Heading back into the future and escaping the Imperial blockade into hyperspace, it was found that Hope’s time stablizier had been damaged beyond repair while disarming a bomb with So Leet that had been left on the ship. Unable to find any other solution, Trandomar volunteered to take a 4 dose shot of the force empowering spice so Trinity would have enough power to fold space back to Rancor on the Unnamed Space Station. The dose was given and Trinity, Zora, Trandomar, and Hope folded space back to homebase.

Failing ton administer a sedative in time, Trandomar’s force powers went wild as his mind took a trip down spice lane. So empowered and enhanced by the force, the Jedi master commanded the force to bend to his will and create new legs for him to walk upon (his arm had been sewed back on prior by the great doctor Owen). In a surging of leftover food and eating utensils (and possibly some broken droid and body parts) Trandomars legs were remade.

Vak-Tor was sucked out into the depths of space during Trandomars Trip. The only good that came of it was a makeshift docking hatch that Hope made with the help of Trinity and Zora. Trandomars trip ended when he broke his own neck and was submitted to a bacta tank for the duration of his stay.

One week later, the Hero’s of Ithor decided that their next destination would be to the past on the planet Ossus, where something has disrupted time when the Ancients orbs were used. Rancor, unsure what exactly changed in the past, told the group to inquire the force for answers after arriving.

Will time ever be repaired? Now that Hope’s time stabilizer is broken will she be able to leave Rancor’s protective field again? What changed on Ossus? What enemies from the future or past will be there to face them? Will Trandomar’s new legs be able to carry the weight of the Jedi? FIND OUT NEXT TIME IN STAR WARSEPISODE XV RAVAGES OF TIME!

Possible Changes To Time:

  • An entire starship was acquired by Shill and brought to the future where it was destroyed.
  • A gamorean named Ortuuugg who did many deals with Jabba was divorced and killed.
  • Half of Jabba’s palace outside of Mos Espa was destroyed.
  • Jango Fett was greatly injured.
  • Jabba and Watto both lost small fortunes due to the prior guaranteed by Kueller outcome of the podrace.
  • The west side of Mos Espa had some renovating done by Trinity.
  • Trandomar told Qui-Gon’Jin to listen to the council about Anakin.
Cloaked Droids & Suspicious Spice

A fight began in the cantina over who was the real queen, Zora or Trinity. Their anger was directed towards one of their faux husbands, who was actually the cloaked figure So Leet and Magnus had been keeping an eye on! Magnus dealt with a few of the brawlers while So Leet watched the exit for the cloaked figures departure.

While not actually seeing the figure, So Leet saw shadows leave the entrance, indicating a cloaked figure leaving the cantina. Leaving the cantina, the group began chasing the invisible figure across the rooftops and through the streets of Mos Espa.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, Owen, Ginix, and Hope we’re working on finding a way to detect the cloaked droids. After tricking Watto into a race against the flying Ithorian, they managed to secure some of the parts needed to modify Ginix to have sensors for droid detection. However, it required a larger power source to get a better reading of the entire city and the surrounding area.

Magnus, So Leet, Trinity, and Queen Zora had given chase outside of the city and were moving across the desert towards one of Jabba’s palaces. Halfway there a group of Jawa’s, one with a sniper rifle, ambushed the group. Taking cover they were soon shot at from behind as well! Deciding the best course was to retreat and combine with the rest of the party to deal with Jabba Trinity and Zora folded space back to Mos Espa.

Trandomar noticed Qui Gon Jinn moving through Mos Espa and decided to speak to the Jedi and ask him for help against the threat to Anakin’s life. Dubious at first of the groups tales from the future, the Jedi decided to at least listen to the stories and help if he could. They met up behind Anakin’s house where the youth was working on his pod racer for the next days race.

After Owen arrived and Trandomar’s Jedi Master title was put into question by Qui Gon, Ginix was hooked up into a large power generator by Hope, who warned it might explode. Explode it did, sending Ginix flying into a nearby wall with minimal damage to his frame, but unrepairable damage to his time stablizier.

With the few moments he had left to exist in time, Ginix told the party that there were many cloaked droids spread about the city and some at Jabba’s palace. He faded from time before Hope could fix the damage…

Hooking up with Gamorrean who deals with Jabba, the group decided to sell the spice to the Hutt in order to gain entrance to the palace. It turns out the Gamorrean was married to Queen Zora, who had accepted his marriage ceremony dagger at the cantina prior. Not wanting to kiss the Gamorrean, Zora made her escape rather quickly from his advances, leaving the Gamorrean heartbroken and a tad angry.

The group head towards Jabba’s palace, leaving Hope, Qui Gon, and an incoming Obi-Wan Kenobi to watch over Anakin. After a round of mind tricks they gained entrance with the less than legal and far less unmixed spice goods and made a deal with Jabba: Information on the pod race tomorrow, 1,000 credits, and two slave girls.

Leaving the palace the alarm was sounded as the impure spice was discovered by the Hutt. After a few quick escapes from guards and cloaked droids, the group was pinned down by a sniper in mandalorian armor. Trandomar having taken a great wound on the top of his head after seeing a giant Hutt sitting sideways on the palace and eating spice, the party was in dire straights. The great doctor Owen administered his special space to Zora and Trinity, who become the greatest force users who ever lived! At least in their minds.

Folding Space to the sniper rifle, half the party appeared in the air, the other half on the balcony. The sniper was by no means ready for such a manouver, and from a fury of javelins and force powers hurled through the air and then brought down by some precision shooting from So Leet.

Trinity and Zora folded space again, and with their abilities gone wild the party was divded. Trinity ended up back on the ship with her husband Shill, then went out to renovate Mos Espa. Zora and Owen ended up in a jail with her ex-husband Gamorrean, who was now missing an arm. The soon folded space out to a cantina in Mos Espa. Unfortunately, their destination was in Jabba’s palace rather than the desert city…

Magnus, So Leet, and Trandomar appeared near the sniper and he was quickly removed of his goods and interrogated. He said that powerful people were behind Jabba’s manouvers and bargained with his life for the codes to the power plant that was generating the cloaking field masking all of the droids. Releasing their prison the group headed towards the entrance of the power plant to enact some sabotage and possibly some destruction.

Will our heroes manage to save Anakin’s life in the pod race? Will they be able to elude or destroy Jabba’s guards while dealing with the cloaking power plant? What will the after effects of the spice be on the fulminar? Will Zora finally accept the Gamorrean Ortuuugg as her new lover and husband? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV! Ravages of Time!

Investigations and Mind Tricks

After sneaking through The Unnamed Station, Owen freeing some slaves, and a bit of death dealt out by the fulminar, The Hero’s Of Ithor managed to steal a ship and head for Tattooine. On board the vessel they found a large amount of spice, some of which enabled non-force sensitives to use force powers or enhance the already existing powers of a force user.

During their escape and travel to Tattooine they learned some of the changes to the current future:

  • There are now three Death Stars in existence.
  • The fulminar, while still a menace, do not seem to have Allasandria as a leader, which could mean there are no force using fulminar out there.
  • Many planets in the galaxy have been destroyed, likely by the Death Stars to contain the fulminar menace.

Coming out of hyperspace near the time rend of Tattooine they were greeted with hails from two star destroyers and one Death Star. Unsure if Shill and Trinity could get through alive, they decided to power down and get tractored into the star destroyer.

After some improper mind tricks by Trandomar, So Leet, Owen, and Queen Zora, during which it seemed the group would be imprisoned by the Empire, Queen Zora used her Servitude power upon the imperial officer. He then ordered the stormtroopers to lay down their weapons and leave the ship after receiving orders from his new Queen. He then left the ship and, supposedly, allowed the Lucky Deepa III to escape the tractor beams range.

Tie Fighters were launched, but with some sharp shooting from So Leet and Ginix they were dealt with: along with some malasia from Trandomar and fear from Owen. However, they weren’t quite fast enough to avoid the second star destroyer from intercepting their path!
Trandomar reached out with the force to try and move the star destroyer back, but even the oddly moraled jedi master couldn’t stop it. Owen injected Trandomar with some of the force enhancing spice, giving the legless ithorian enough power to tip the star destroyer out of their path. Shill and Trinity sped through the gap and into the rend of time towards Tattooine.

Landing on the outskirts of Mos Espa, the group went searching for information in a cantina and at the race track arena. They found that the pod race in which they had seen Anakin Skywalker die was taking place tomorrow. Large bets on Sebulba were being placed by many, including Jabba the Hutt and Watto. A rare, rare few believed Anakin would win.

Investigating the site seen in the vision of the future (past) where Anakin’s pod was destroyed, a few droid parts were found. Owen and Trandomar asked Hope to build them a droid radar, and so they headed for the nearest salvage and parts yard, Watto’s.

Meanwhile at the bar, Magnus investigates a cloaked and hooded figure in the corner of the cantina, while Zora, Trinity, and So Leet continue looking for answers to their questions.

Will The Hero’s Of Ithor find a way to save Anakin? How many drinks will Queen Zora and Trinity get bought for them? Will Magnus discover the identity of the cloaked figure? Why are these droids seeking to kill Anakin in the first place? Will our hero’s change history, keep it the same, or cause even more rends in time? Will Trandomar’s withdrawls overcome his odd morals? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages of Time!


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