Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

Investigations and Mind Tricks

After sneaking through The Unnamed Station, Owen freeing some slaves, and a bit of death dealt out by the fulminar, The Hero’s Of Ithor managed to steal a ship and head for Tattooine. On board the vessel they found a large amount of spice, some of which enabled non-force sensitives to use force powers or enhance the already existing powers of a force user.

During their escape and travel to Tattooine they learned some of the changes to the current future:

  • There are now three Death Stars in existence.
  • The fulminar, while still a menace, do not seem to have Allasandria as a leader, which could mean there are no force using fulminar out there.
  • Many planets in the galaxy have been destroyed, likely by the Death Stars to contain the fulminar menace.

Coming out of hyperspace near the time rend of Tattooine they were greeted with hails from two star destroyers and one Death Star. Unsure if Shill and Trinity could get through alive, they decided to power down and get tractored into the star destroyer.

After some improper mind tricks by Trandomar, So Leet, Owen, and Queen Zora, during which it seemed the group would be imprisoned by the Empire, Queen Zora used her Servitude power upon the imperial officer. He then ordered the stormtroopers to lay down their weapons and leave the ship after receiving orders from his new Queen. He then left the ship and, supposedly, allowed the Lucky Deepa III to escape the tractor beams range.

Tie Fighters were launched, but with some sharp shooting from So Leet and Ginix they were dealt with: along with some malasia from Trandomar and fear from Owen. However, they weren’t quite fast enough to avoid the second star destroyer from intercepting their path!
Trandomar reached out with the force to try and move the star destroyer back, but even the oddly moraled jedi master couldn’t stop it. Owen injected Trandomar with some of the force enhancing spice, giving the legless ithorian enough power to tip the star destroyer out of their path. Shill and Trinity sped through the gap and into the rend of time towards Tattooine.

Landing on the outskirts of Mos Espa, the group went searching for information in a cantina and at the race track arena. They found that the pod race in which they had seen Anakin Skywalker die was taking place tomorrow. Large bets on Sebulba were being placed by many, including Jabba the Hutt and Watto. A rare, rare few believed Anakin would win.

Investigating the site seen in the vision of the future (past) where Anakin’s pod was destroyed, a few droid parts were found. Owen and Trandomar asked Hope to build them a droid radar, and so they headed for the nearest salvage and parts yard, Watto’s.

Meanwhile at the bar, Magnus investigates a cloaked and hooded figure in the corner of the cantina, while Zora, Trinity, and So Leet continue looking for answers to their questions.

Will The Hero’s Of Ithor find a way to save Anakin? How many drinks will Queen Zora and Trinity get bought for them? Will Magnus discover the identity of the cloaked figure? Why are these droids seeking to kill Anakin in the first place? Will our hero’s change history, keep it the same, or cause even more rends in time? Will Trandomar’s withdrawls overcome his odd morals? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages of Time!

The Ravages of Time

It was a reunion with The Hero’s Of Ithor on the The Unnamed Station. And then time itself was ripped into. The resulting chaos left Rancor creating a pocket in time using his unique force abilities.

Corisanlia and Arani faded away, possible from time itself.

Aza screamed in pain, her hair changing to black with red streaks, along with dark scars rippling across her face before disappearing. The green orb of the ancients, presumably restored from the destruction of time, appearing in her hands before she left. Aza also claimed it was not her who had caused the time changes.

Phoebe, So Leet’s sister, was stabbed from behind by a red lightsaber being gripped by disembodied mechanical hands. She died shortly thereafter, unable to get medical help due to time restructuring the station.

A voice, shrouded in mystery by technological voice altering, spoke to the Heroes, telling them that time and history would now be re-shaped to undue the damage and pain the Heroes had caused. The voice seemed to have a personal vendetta against the Heroes of Ithor, claiming past wrongs that would now be made right.

With the use of Farseeing, Rancor, Meera Wade, Trandomar, Owen, and Trinity looked into the force to see what had gone wrong. They had visions of various times and places: Tattooine, Myrmidon, and Ithor, each one depicting a different event.

Tattooine showed Anakin Skywalker, exploding to death in his pod racer as a child during a race.
Myrmidon showed Roland, Magnus’s brother, sitting upon his throne with people worshipping him.
Ithor showed the battle against Allasandria, but did not depict any event that would of changed history.

The vision ended with Rancor telling the others there was likely more, but it could not be seen at this time. Tattooine seemed the best starting place.

After some scouting by So Leet and a punch in the face from Owen to Vak-Tor who had accused Owen’s children of being behind all of the trouble, they Heroes of Ithor (and fulminar companions!) decided to leave the protection of the pocket created by Rancor (with the help of some time stabilizers courtesy of Hope, acquire a ship, and head to Tattooine to try and move into the past and fix that rend in time.

It is unclear just how this event occured and speculations on who is behind it are wild. Will repairing one mistake in the past fix those of the future? Has time manipulation itself become a normal phenomenon in the galaxy? What other events in the past were changed? Will Trandomar ever walk again? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages of Time!!!

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