Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

What To Do About Ithor

Hope appeared as a giant hologram above the crashed ship on the planet myrmidon. She spoke to the group, claiming that they were in the wrong for what they had done to time. All she had done was to bring her children back to life, including Sssco who had died 3 years into the groups future. When confronted with the fact that she had murdered them in the past, Hope explained that much of it was Daskar’Jin’s price for his aide in rending time and saving her children from their fate. After negotiations broke down, the hologram faded.

Deciding to use fold space to move the planet Myrmidon, Freya Windrider told them they had to destroy the large destroyer class ship, otherwise The Master and The god of droids would be able to track and destroy them.

So Leet, Trinity, and Zora along with ten myrmidon volunteers folded space into the ship and began making their way through, destroying droids as they went. Entering the core engine room, Trinity set to work on overloading the ship while So Leet protected her by destroying assassin droids. Meanwhile, Zora held off a giant Hunter droid. However, her leg was destroyed in the process.

Returning, minus the myrmidons, they sought the help of Doctor Owen, who couldn’t save her life. Unsure of what to do, the group sought alternatives but couldn’t come up with any viable solutions. General Niaoth, under servitude by Zora, begged that his queen should take his life so that she might live. With her last dieing breath Zora used her dark force abilities to rip the life essence of the general and put them inside of her own. So great was the act that her body become corrupted by the dark side, manifesting in a grotesque blob of knotted and gnarly flesh on her stomach. Jedi Master Trandomar turned away with his head hung low…

After dealing with the droid army that had poured forth from the destroyer ship, King Magnus and Freya brought the myrmidons together to have Trinity fold space the entire planet away. As she took her step, she felt myrmidon minds disappearing one after the other from the chain of life. As more and more disappeared, she halted the move, wanting to spare anymore myrmidons from dieing. Unfortunately, the stop merged them with the planet Galantos, causing both planets to start shaking and coming apart!

Franticly, it was decided to continue on despite the myrmidon losses and so the planet Myrmidon was brought to where Coruscant once existed. Over 300,000 myrmidons were lost in the escape, but the planet and its people were safe for a time.

Owen and Trinity pleaded with Magnus to ask Freya to not pursue duels to the death with them, and Magnus decided to lay down his crown for the sake of his friends, giving it to Freya. Freya, not content with just being queen, asked for ships and supplies as well. Ships, at least, were promised as The Hero’s Of Ithor went back in time.

Attacks by droids had been becoming more frequent, but thanks to Mace Windu, Sssco, Crash and Allasandria, no one had been harmed yet. Wedge and Shill were sent back to the future to train myrmidon pilots along with ships that had been purchased through some borrowing and lending and quite a bit of gambling by Shill.

Rancor was asked to pull more help through time. While the Force master was growing weary of constant requests, he aided the group nonetheless, knowing that the stakes were high. Twitch, ]]Qui-Gon’Jinn]], and General Grimes were brought through time. The attempt to pull Dia Ven failed however, Rancor seemed perplexed and was unsure why she could not be brought.

Grimes set to work coming up with various scenarios and strategies on how to go about dealing with the forces at work on Ithor. In the end, it was decided they would try to hire on with the Empire as mercenaries, working with them to destroy the Fulminar, save their past selves, and hopefully deal with Hope and Ginix’s forces should they arrive.

Oh, and Trandomar’s legs rotted and Owen chopped them off.

The fate of time and the groups lives hangs in the balance. Will time ever be restored to how it was before or will our heroes have to find a place in a new existing timeline? Will Qui-Gon and Crash be able to convince Daskar to give up his made crusade against Trandomar and the rest of the hero’s of Ithor? Will Ithor even survive the massive onslaught it is about to face? Are our hero’s truly ready to deal with the enemies that await them? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON STAR WARS EPISODE XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!



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