Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

The Single Sentance

The Ancients granted our heroes a boon for the service they had done for time and them. After some heated discussions it was decided that with the help of the Ancient Croagnifit their time stabliziers would be fixed so any damage to them would not erase their bearers from time.

Heading back through time to their present, another wave of time rent the galaxy. History itself re-shuffled from the events that took place. Hope however had built a machine in both parts of the timeline that would allow major events and changes to be recorded. She also stated she was on the verge of learning who was behind the rending of time as well.

Recovering, the heroes rested for close to a week, tending wounds and seeing to personal issues that needed care. Trandomar was visited by Charis, his teacher in the ways of the force, and given guidance on how to proceed with the Jedi Academy and its current issues. Hope finished her machine, along with a new cybernetic eye for Zora, and fired it up. The machine brought forth information on the new timeline. Three great events had taken place:

  • Anakin Skywalker was claimed as Palpatine’s son. The two of them bringing the galaxy under the single rule of the Empire.
  • The Ancients machine was never sought out by Tari’Nar (for he was never created) and as such, Aza never found it either. It is highly suspected that Karis used the machine and granted every being in the galaxy the ability to wield the force.
  • The battle of Ithor against the Fulminar now had Empire forces led by Anakin Skywalker, and The Hero’s Of Ithor were killed during the event.

Hope came to the realization that she was The Master at the exact same moment a group of 50 droids came through time, attempting to abduct Rancor and Hope. Appearing with them were Daskar’s son Crash and Owen’s daughter Allsandria aka Alice. The group made short work of the droids, but not before two of them escaped with Hope, who’s final words were ‘See you in the future’.

Crash and Alice had a lot of information, though sounded confused about some of the events that had taken place. In the end, it was found that the Hero’s Of Ithor were murdered on Ithor and the Empire in combination with Myrmidon forces led by Roland defeated the resurrection of the Ancient Fulminar. After much debate on what to do and many visions into the always in motion future, it was decided to head to Myrmidon to deal with Roland in the hopes that it would stop his forces traveling to the past to aide the Empire on Ithor.

Rancor has warned that the time shuffles may came more rapidly now though gave no explanation as to why this was. Then again nobody asked him. Deciding that our hero’s would need help, he reached through time and the timelines to pull Mace Windu, Wedge Antilles, and R2-D4 in order to aide the party.

Now the group is ready to head for Myrmidon where they will face an entire planet full of Myrmidon force users. Will the group be able to survive such a perilous world? What changes has Roland made while he has reigned as King? Is Freya Windrider working with him willingly? Will people remember their old King? Find out next time in Star Wars Episode XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!!!



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