Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

The Core

General Grimes informed the Empire forces that in order to breach the shield surrounding the planet Core, they would have to knock out one of the orbiting shield satellites. This would require a quick strike into the satellite to shut down its generator and a quick escape to make it through the concurrent breach. Dia Ven arrived to join the group, and no questions were asked on where she’d been or why she was showing up, but her aide was appreciated nonetheless!

Anakin was contacted by Emperor Palpatine who told him that his companions would need time stabiliziers if they were to survive the trap that The Master had prepared for them in The Core. Sacrificing some stormtroopers lives, Anakin took their time devices and handed them over to those that needed them.

After taking care of the satellite and shutting down the generator inside, the group punched through the shield along with the help of some Trandomar force using action.

Once inside, The Core seemed empty though maintained. Heading through the city streets, Dia Ven led the way using her enhanced memory, following the old route the group once used when Croagnifit was resurrected by them.

On the way they were contacted by Hope aka The Master. After some debate about the wrong and rights of what Hope was doing and before any real discussion could be finished, Trandomar destroyed all nearby monitors. Deciding this was an end to the conversation, Hope cut off the holocom transmission as well.

Descending down into the planet, the group made their way to one of the many generators that powered the Superlaser Cannon, hoping to save Ithor from the blast.

Arriving at the generator room, they found the door was not even locked. Upon opening it however, time rippled and changed…

Trandomar found himself on Ithor, facing an alternate version of himself. One that had followed Daskar’Jin to make a new jedi order. They stood on the burning planet of Ithor, which this Trandomar said was burning because Trandomar had failed in his job to create a true jedi order that followed the proper ways. Trandomar was having none of it, and killed his other self.

Magnus was on the steps of the coliseum on myrmidon where he faced himself was King. A King with force powers, who claimed he could of saved Roland his brother as Magnus had failed to due. Citing that Roland had been given enough chances, Magnus and his other King self did battle, resulting in the King’s death.

Dia Ven appeared on the slave ship that had taken her from the homeworld of Ryloth facing her former slave master Keerik. Not bothering to exchange words the bounty hunter Dia opened fire, and through some sneaky maneuvering got the upper hand and murdered her once owner.

Trinity, admist the forest in the The Unnamed Station came across her daughter Aria all grown up. Aria told her mother that Hope had raised her after being saved from the ravages of time that occurred. She blamed Trinity for not being able to save or protect her. Trinity argued back that it was Hope herself who caused all of the trouble. After great lengths of debate, Aria agreed to side with her mother as long as Trinity made a promise that she would protect and take care of her. Trinity did so, and Aria began to speak of a machine, but her words were cut off as her body was unraveled from time, possibly by Hope.

Arriving back before the opening doors of the generator room, and seemingly none worse for the wear, the group went in to find Aza, Tari’Nar, Kueller, Lord Nightmare, Nuro, and a small army of droids. Battle commenced as Dia Ven moved to shut down the generator, though she was interrupted by XO, the artificial intelligence of the Core that Hope claims as one of her daughters.

Anakin and Rancor battled against Aza. Magnus made quick work of Lord Nightmare. Tari’Nar and Trandomar battled, with Trandomar hard pressed to stall until another could come help him. Washeferneen dealt with Kueller while So Leet blasted the droids.

After Lord Nightmare was dealt with, Magnus fought against Tari’Nar. During the battle he struck and destroyed the black orb of the Ancients, freeing the force spirits contained therein. Aza seemed the most difficult foe, and only through the joint efforts of Anakin, Charis’ force spirit, and Rancor beating her into the gangplanks repeatedly was she knocked out.

Charis took the force orb, claiming it needed to be destroyed for its power was to great to be used. Anakin argued that the orb should be given to him, but he was deterred by the words from Trandomar and the others. Trinity told Charis she needed the orb to come back to life. Charis told her that death is a natural way of the force and was not something to be feared, for we are all luminous beings and not crude matter.

Still, it was agreed that for now the orb would be left intact despite Charis’ misgivings. The force spirits that were released from the orb continued either battling or talking. The two Rancor force spirits, once just released in the wrong time and the other who had been traveling with the group spoke of the troubles now facing them. One thing they both agreed on, another ripple of time would be coming and this, due to the destruction of the orb and what occured on Ithor, would be greater than all of the others.

Now the group heads to where they believe The Master will be waiting…

What will the new ripple of time due to the timeline? Will Trinity decide to go back into her body and let herself flow back into the force? What happened back on Ithor with the Death Star and Allasandria and her children? Will the original timeline ever be restored or will a new timeline have to be brought into exsitence? What of Rancor’s words of Croagnifit slumbering in the depths of The Core? And what of Ginix and the planet droid?! Will our heroes survive?! Find out next time in Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages Of Time!



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