Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

Tattooine Tumults

The Heros of Ithor continued storming Jabba’s palace, making their way piecemeal to the power plant that harbored the cloaking mechanism that shielded the droids throughout the area.

Entering the plant, they found a droidified dark jedi named Kueller and a jawa named Krileek. Magnus, So Leet, and Trandomar engaged the enemy while calling for backup.

As the smell of ozone cleared from blaster fire and lightsaber clashes, Krileek lay dead and Trandomar had only one limb remaining. Kueller escaped by activating a time stablizier and moving forward into time again, claiming even if he did die he would simply be revived by the god of droids. Krileek made no such claims.

With the droids no longer cloaked, the group made quick work of the remaining battle droids and prepared for the pod race and to save Anakin’s life.

Setting up along the track, the ambushes of droids and sand people were dealt with. LX-032 was cloaked upon the field with a personal cloaking device. Thanks to So Leet’s sharp eyes, he was discovered and felled before he could do in Anakin Skywalker. After the race goodbyes were said, Trandomar giving a few choice words to Qui-Gon’Jin. Shill acquired a ship which was used as a decoy when the party went back through the rift in time.

Heading back into the future and escaping the Imperial blockade into hyperspace, it was found that Hope’s time stablizier had been damaged beyond repair while disarming a bomb with So Leet that had been left on the ship. Unable to find any other solution, Trandomar volunteered to take a 4 dose shot of the force empowering spice so Trinity would have enough power to fold space back to Rancor on the Unnamed Space Station. The dose was given and Trinity, Zora, Trandomar, and Hope folded space back to homebase.

Failing ton administer a sedative in time, Trandomar’s force powers went wild as his mind took a trip down spice lane. So empowered and enhanced by the force, the Jedi master commanded the force to bend to his will and create new legs for him to walk upon (his arm had been sewed back on prior by the great doctor Owen). In a surging of leftover food and eating utensils (and possibly some broken droid and body parts) Trandomars legs were remade.

Vak-Tor was sucked out into the depths of space during Trandomars Trip. The only good that came of it was a makeshift docking hatch that Hope made with the help of Trinity and Zora. Trandomars trip ended when he broke his own neck and was submitted to a bacta tank for the duration of his stay.

One week later, the Hero’s of Ithor decided that their next destination would be to the past on the planet Ossus, where something has disrupted time when the Ancients orbs were used. Rancor, unsure what exactly changed in the past, told the group to inquire the force for answers after arriving.

Will time ever be repaired? Now that Hope’s time stabilizer is broken will she be able to leave Rancor’s protective field again? What changed on Ossus? What enemies from the future or past will be there to face them? Will Trandomar’s new legs be able to carry the weight of the Jedi? FIND OUT NEXT TIME IN STAR WARSEPISODE XV RAVAGES OF TIME!

Possible Changes To Time:

  • An entire starship was acquired by Shill and brought to the future where it was destroyed.
  • A gamorean named Ortuuugg who did many deals with Jabba was divorced and killed.
  • Half of Jabba’s palace outside of Mos Espa was destroyed.
  • Jango Fett was greatly injured.
  • Jabba and Watto both lost small fortunes due to the prior guaranteed by Kueller outcome of the podrace.
  • The west side of Mos Espa had some renovating done by Trinity.
  • Trandomar told Qui-Gon’Jin to listen to the council about Anakin.



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