Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

One With The Ancients

Descending down the turbolift, XO’s voice sounded along with a loud alert sound informing the group that time distortion wave was about to pass and that after this time would be sealed. With some quick work by Dia to charge up the time stabiliziers and power from the two Rancor force spirits, the group survived the wave without any noticeable damages.

Arriving on a floor with an large office space, scientists and technicians were moving around frantically calculating what had changed with time due to the resent events on Ithor. While gathering information about the changes themselves, it was found that Ithor had likely been destroyed, though the causesd were unknown. While gathering more information, Ginix The god of droids showed up.

Rather than fight, the droid spoke with the party about The Master aka Hope wanting to speak with them. On the way, Ginix informed them of the changes that had occurred. Ithor had been consumed by the ancient Malvick who had been resurrected after Allasandria and her children had destroyed the Death Star before it could fire upon the planet.

Meanwhile, Owen and Corisanlia had gone into a force trance suspension induced by TRUTH on a ship. Palpatine and TRUTH had looked into the future with farseeing and knew the exact moment and place The Core would reappear. Arriving with General Grimes, Palpatine, Owen, Corisanlia, TRUTH, and Dia Ven’s panther droid they were tractor beamed into The Core. Where they met up with Ginix and the rest of the group.

Palpatine immediately declared he was the leader and, without objection from the others, lead the way with Ginix towards Hope. TRUTH lagged behind and spoke quietly with the two Rancor force spirits.

Arriving in a grand audience chamber, Hope sat upon a throne of metal and wires. Jerund Taloff was working on a new clone of Tari’Nar who seemed just about ready to come out of his tank, along with Krileek the jawa who had been murdered in the past by Magnus. Krueller, Syntha, XO, Daskar’Jin, Lahsonaf, Kormin, and Sssco were here as well.

Hope explained how she had only done what she did to bring her daughters back to life. Arguing that the murder of them all wasn’t the best way to go about it, the group reasoned back and forth. Finally, in face of the new threat of Mavick the ancient coming to destroy them all, Hope and the group decided to work together.

Palpatine demanded the green orb Charis held, claiming he and Anakin could stop this ancient with its power! Not having any of it, the group argued back. It came close to blows, but then TRUTH spoke. He had knowledge of the way to construct a machine that would blend the ancients who had disappeared into the force with those that were here now. It was only possible because the two Rancor force spirits were now existing at the same time. TRUTH also claimed that he had forseen all of this for centuries and was just waiting for it all come to pass, though he did thank Trandomar and the rest of the group for making certain decisions that led to this. Always in motion is the future!

Owen convinced Anakin and Palpatine to surrender, and the two did rather than be destroyed by the overwhelming odds that faced them.

After much debate and back and forth discussion with Hope, Ginix, and the group, it was decided that the twelve people who would blend with the corresponding ancients were:

  • Charis with Lalaorien. (Light)
  • So Leet with Muchorig. (Earth)
  • Ginix with Pyril. (Fire)
  • Hope with Falala. (Wind)
  • Trinity with Esca. (Darkness)
  • Corisanlia with Wasin. (Water)
  • Dia Ven with Croagnifit. (Technology Life)
  • Syntha with Serenitaen. (Technology Blending)
  • TRUTH with Tynesha. (Farseeing)
  • Owen with Shirillen. (Healing)
  • Trandomar with Alisae. (Amplification)
  • Magnus with Bokala. (Creation)

The machine was built quickly due to the help of Syntha, XO, Hope, Rancors, Dia Ven, and Grimes. After its activation the heroes were linked with their Ancient counterparts and went out to face the ancient Mavick.

A horrendous battle of death and destruction began as Mavick showed up with Allsandria and her children. The planet droid was torn in half and the Core was nearly shredded as well. During the battle the heroes came into contact with the minds of the Ancients that shared their power. As the machine completed its work, the heroes did battle against the ancients brood. Defeating their opponents in a fury of lightsabers, force powers, and on the spot created weapons, the machine finished its work and the heroes became fully blended with the ancients.

Magnus became a deadly griffon, So Leet become a massive deomir bear, Trandomar a seven headed hydra, Dia Ven a panther, Owen a phoenix, Trinity a bahamut, TRUTH a spider, Hope a roc, Ginix giant fire assassin droid, Syntha, Corisanlia, and Charis became dragons.

Using their new power, Mavick was dealt with and ripped to shreds. Trinity using Esca’s power destroyed his force spirit forever, removing him and any powers of the force he manifested from the galaxy forever.

Returning back into the Core a celebration was had, hosted by Hope. Lost loved ones were brought back to life (particularly Raan, Owen’s son!), Corisanlia’s memories were restored (more or less!), Vahliuorieth was able to enter her physical body, and it was decided that with their new power and bodies they would make a new galaxy. Charis, after speaking with Trandomar, would found a new jedi order to deal with all of the force users. Daskar’Jin agreed to join this new academy if Charis was leading it and as long as Trandomar was not in charge!

Eventually, the machine Hope had built to change time was deconstructed. She had made a brain dead clone of Rancor with Jerund Taloff and Krileek in order to manipulate time, along with using the calculating power of XO, herself, and Syntha she found the key points to change in order to allow her daughters to live.

In the end, though the timelines had changed and countless had died, the threat to time had been removed. Time had been sealed due to the destruction of the black orb in the future. Now a new race of Ancients will reshape and create the galaxy, ruling over it for now and into eternity! Long live the ancients! For the force is them!

Credit Roll:

Trandomar was played by Zack. He enjoys collectible card games and computers!
Trinity was played by Casandra. She enjoys gaming and her kid(s)!
Owen was played by Kyle. He enjoys rpgs and traveling to china!
Magnus was played by Nick. He enjoys gaming, cooking, and rugby! (Official dip provider!)
Queen Zora was played by Lexus. She enjoys gaming and spending time with Kevin!
So Leet was played by Kevin. He enjoys ultimate frisbee and FPS’!
Dia Ven was played by Briana. She enjoys gaming and netflix!
Mace Windu was played by Samuel L. Jackson. He enjoys killing sith lords!
Darth Vader was played by James Earl Jones. He enjoys breathing without machinery!
And Rancor as himself! He enjoys eating people!

Special thanks to Daizy who provided good insights and clever story ideas!

Thanks for playing everyone! I appreciate all of your feedback and the great times we shared traveling through the Star Wars galaxy over the years! May the force be with you!



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