Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

King Of Myrmidon (Or Queen?)

The Hero’s Of Ithor along with [Sssco and Mace Windu traveled into the future to Myrmidon in order to stop Roland from begin force using myrmidon forces back into the past!

After some careful investigation and questioning by the group, they managed to befriend Bartogg the bartender at a local inn. Gathering rumors and secrets about the King’s policies and the general situation on myrmidon, the party was told to seek out General Thundarr who had been exiled to the forests.

After a large spout with some of the droid police that infest the planet, crashing of an entire ship into a village killing and wounding multiple myrmidon by Trandomar, and some fine doctoring by Owen, the group managed to deal with the droids and escape into the forest.

After some impressive scouting and trap avoiding by So Leet, the group made contact with Thundarr and went down to an underground rebel camp led by two other Generals: Ramel and Freya Windrider.

Indicating that in order for Magnus to lead myrmidon, he would first have to convince the rebels to join under his command. After a bit of banter between Freya and the group, Magnus gave his speech. It was well received by the myrmidon who wanted any glimmer of hope to rise up against Roland.

The battle of the coliseum took place the following day. Magnus made a proud proclamation, defying Roland and his rule! Chaos began, during which Freya also made her claim to the throne! Raging battles began!

So Leet and Trandomar laid down covering fire and move object assaults.
Owen and Trinity dealt with Freya, convincing her to aide Magnus in his bid for kingship on the condition she would get a one on one duel with each of them after it was all over.
Zora used servitude on General Naioth, bringing his forces under her control and helped deal with one of the rampaging Rancor’s.
As the battle wound down, Roland and Magnus were locked in a deathly struggle, each raging against the other, seeking his brothers life. Roland’s cybernetics were revealed as the damage worsened, and in the end with a well placed grenade his body was exploded to pieces.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, So Leet, and Zora managed to take down a star destroyer sized class capital ship. Unfortunately in doing so Trandomar accidentally veered it into half of the coliseum, killing over twenty thousand myrmidon warriors.

Magnus has claimed kingship and sat upon the throne, greatly wounded. Freya has pledged to follow him. The myrmidons in the coliseum have seen the great strength of the old king. A million or more other myrmidon now come towards the coliseum while the crashed ship has broken in two, part of it destroying the capital city of myrmidon.

Will Magnus be able to hold onto his throne? Will the other myrmidon clans bow before his will? Will Freya keep to her deal and follow Magnus? Will The Master and The god of droids arrive before the group returns back into time? What will they do with the myrmidon? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – Ravages Of Time!



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