Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

Death And Destruction

Arriving in the new timeline of the past on the Death Star under the command of Enforcer General Anakin Skywalker, the group was immediately recognized by name and brought to the war planning room. Anakin had expected their arrival, for the Emperor had forseen their coming, along with a great many other things.

They were told of a new experimental weapon that had been made just for their group that might be able to absorb and then reflect the planet destroying beam weapon of Droid. Each person would have their own role to fulfill, and while it was experimental it was the only hope to keep Ithor from being reduced to asteroids within the first few moments of the battle.

Coming out of hyperspace the war began and soon droids and tie fighters filled the stars. Trandomar brought the machine into position above Ithor just as the planet Droid fired its planet destroying weapon. The beam was channeled down the blades of legend and through the machine, where it was fired back at Droid, destroying the main weapon for the time being.

The machine however began to explode, tumbling through the rift of time that hovered around Ithor. As the group traveled through the rift, they experienced a strange phenomenon. Each of them were flicking back and forth between their past selves on Ithor and their current selves on the machine.

Rancor warned he was unsure of the consequences of going to their past selves, and Vahliuorieth said she would do what she could to help. Making their choices, Trandomar, Owen, Magnus, and Zora took control of their past selves bodies.

Trinity and So Leet remained behind, seeing their companions fall lifeless on the machine as it exploded around them. Grabbing So Leet, Trinity folded space in the midst of a heart attack, arriving on the ship that bore a planetary shield generator to be installed on the planet below.

Medics arrived to save Trinity, but the heart attack had gone on too long and the jedi master died. Before her force spirit could be absorbed into the force, Vahliuorieth grabbed hold and kept her in place.

Informing Anakin that they now had no way to get the generator down to the planet, the dark lord opened fire on their ship, destroying the engines to make sure they got down there, one way or the other.

Meaniwhile, Magnus found himself nearing the end of his battle in the past with Washeferneen. After some arguging back and forth, and the appearance of the planet Droid and the Core in the skies above, the sword wielding fulminar decided to help Magnus deal with Daskar’Jin.

Zora appeared with the Trinity of the past in the middle of a fight with Aza. However, this Aza no longer had blonde hair, but was blackened with red streaks running through it. With the help of some impressive lightsaber combat and the use of the ancients green orb, she first executed Trinity and then delimbed Queen Zora. Claming she and the others were responsible for Charis her brother not being brought back to life, she moved into to finish Zora, who barely had time to fold space away into the forest. Allsandria called out to her child, promising to help her. Zora arrived with another roll space and was offered a new body as long as she wasn’t picky. Deciding it was better than having no limbs, Zora accepted and had her force spirit ripped from her body and then placed inside of a young fulminar. She then left to join up with Trandomar who…

Had arrived in his past body alongside Sssco, Kormin, and So Leet of the past. Spotting the falling shield generator bearing ship the jedi master grabbed hold of it, lowering it safely, albeit a bit quickly, to the ground. He then headed for the fulminar threat in the distance, hoping to stop the resurrection of the fulminar ancient Mavick. However, during his journey The Core appeared in the sky above.

So Leet, Twitch, R2-D4, and force spirits Rancor, Trinity, and Vahliuorieth worked to protect the shield generator and get it operational. Droid dropships began to land along with Darth Vindictus. So Leet requested help and none other than Anakin himself showed up. Dealing with the droid army that continually fell from the sky, So Leet was left to deal with Vindictus.

After a ferocious battle, Vindictus was left without one arm and So Leet had a lightsaber wound cut through half of his stomach. TRUTH having arrived at the last moment to help finish the sith off with a surprising show of force power.

The shield generator went operational just in time to stop The Core’s initial death beam blast. However, the shield gave out after the first volley leading the group to one decision: They would have to destroy The Core’s generator to stop another blast from destroying Ithor.

Meanwhile, Daskar’Jin and Magnus got into a heated debate about the right and wrongs of what Daskar was doing. Eventually, it led to blows and a fight began. However, after the shot from The Core hit the planetary shield and a few more words from Magnus, Daskar changed his mind and decided to work with Magnus to stop The Master. However, he still vowed to deal with Trandomar in his own way.

Furthermore, Allasandria and the fulminar were persuaded to deal with this new threat, forestalling the resurrection process the fulminar flew upwards towards The Core along with our heroes.

Now The Master and The god of droids must be faced. Will the might of Anakin and the Empire be enough to stop the destruction of Ithor? Will our hero’s live through the assault? Will Trinity find a way to get back into her own body? What will become of Zora now that she is in the body of a fulminar? What enemies await them on The Core? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV – RAVAGES OF TIME!



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