Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

Darths & Death

Arriving in the past on Ossus during the battle that wiped the New Jedi Order from the galaxy years ago the The Hero’s Of Ithor minus Trandomar and Magnus looked into the force for answers.
Seeing visions of fulminar, dark gloves and a red lightsaber (which later turned out to be Darth Vader), the group decided to assassinate one of the adult humanoid Fulminar that So Leet thought he remembered seeing. Zora also received a vision of the fulminar winning the upcoming war contrary to history through the force during a seizure, though it is known she lacks the farseeing ability.

Ignoring requests of help in their mind from Allasandria, Trinity and Zora continued along with the group rather than interact with their possibly insane mother.

After a small skirmish with some stormtroopers, the group managed to give the adult Fulminar some deadly wounds and possibly death! Inciting the fulminar to charge, the army of Imperials and Jedi joined the march, coming together in a massive onslaught of death and carnage.

Using a device made by Hope, the group made their way into Habitat 13 before it got to bad and any serious wounds were given. The Habitat demanded answers or death from the group, and after a narrow escape from being gassed to death, Owen managed to say the key words of using the power of the ancients, allowing them access through the complex.

Finding The Ancients and their orbs (or 7 of the 13 at least) and their great machine that can change the way the force works, the group explained that time had been rent and dark forces were coming to change how events took place here in the past.

After consulting with the pink ancient Tynesha, it was decided that the Heroes of Ithor would wait in an adjoining chamber, waiting to ambush and stall the dark forces while the Ancients and their chosen used the machine.

The chosen passed by and soon the dark presences came into the chamber, lead by none other than Darth Vader himself. Battle commenced!

During the exchange of lightsabers and blaster bolts, Trinity and Darth Vindictus (Vader’s current apprentice) switched bodies using an ancient sith technique. Vader, after battling with Zora, was defeated in combat by Magnus and was folded space out by Vindictus after the battle.
So Leet dealt with Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo, the trio leaving the battle and once again giving up their goal of bringing the ability to wield the force to every living being in the galaxy.
One great casualty befell Owen however. After injecting himself with spice to help deal with his possible past self Lord Nightmare, along with his son Raan and Trandomar’s son Nuro, he found that Raan had been killed by Zora. Enraged, Owen sent dark energies towards the fulminar, but thanks to So Leet shooting a stun blast at Owen it did not prove fatal to the queen.
Interrogating Lord Nightmare for information, the sith whispered dark information into the doctors ear, and was soon sedated into unconsciousness.

Now, the Heroes of Ithor (minus Trandomar) stand in the Habitat of the Ancients. The machine has been used to, hopefully, bring Charis back to life, keeping the timeline intact. Raan lays dead at Owen’s feet.

Will the timeline be kept safe? Will Owen seek revenge for the death of his son? What will become of Trinity’s new body? What was Magnus doing while the group went off into the past? Will Trandomar ever get out of the bacta tank? What of Rancor’s words saying the timeline will re-shuffle when next they return? And who is the Master and the god of droids?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON STAR WARS EPISODE XV – Ravages Of Time!

Possible Changes To Time:

  • The adult humanoid fulminar leader was shot and possibly killed.
  • The Ancients were spoken too.
  • No other changes as of yet, but our Heroes are still in the past!



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