Star Wars Episode XV - Ravages Of Time

Cloaked Droids & Suspicious Spice

A fight began in the cantina over who was the real queen, Zora or Trinity. Their anger was directed towards one of their faux husbands, who was actually the cloaked figure So Leet and Magnus had been keeping an eye on! Magnus dealt with a few of the brawlers while So Leet watched the exit for the cloaked figures departure.

While not actually seeing the figure, So Leet saw shadows leave the entrance, indicating a cloaked figure leaving the cantina. Leaving the cantina, the group began chasing the invisible figure across the rooftops and through the streets of Mos Espa.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, Owen, Ginix, and Hope we’re working on finding a way to detect the cloaked droids. After tricking Watto into a race against the flying Ithorian, they managed to secure some of the parts needed to modify Ginix to have sensors for droid detection. However, it required a larger power source to get a better reading of the entire city and the surrounding area.

Magnus, So Leet, Trinity, and Queen Zora had given chase outside of the city and were moving across the desert towards one of Jabba’s palaces. Halfway there a group of Jawa’s, one with a sniper rifle, ambushed the group. Taking cover they were soon shot at from behind as well! Deciding the best course was to retreat and combine with the rest of the party to deal with Jabba Trinity and Zora folded space back to Mos Espa.

Trandomar noticed Qui Gon Jinn moving through Mos Espa and decided to speak to the Jedi and ask him for help against the threat to Anakin’s life. Dubious at first of the groups tales from the future, the Jedi decided to at least listen to the stories and help if he could. They met up behind Anakin’s house where the youth was working on his pod racer for the next days race.

After Owen arrived and Trandomar’s Jedi Master title was put into question by Qui Gon, Ginix was hooked up into a large power generator by Hope, who warned it might explode. Explode it did, sending Ginix flying into a nearby wall with minimal damage to his frame, but unrepairable damage to his time stablizier.

With the few moments he had left to exist in time, Ginix told the party that there were many cloaked droids spread about the city and some at Jabba’s palace. He faded from time before Hope could fix the damage…

Hooking up with Gamorrean who deals with Jabba, the group decided to sell the spice to the Hutt in order to gain entrance to the palace. It turns out the Gamorrean was married to Queen Zora, who had accepted his marriage ceremony dagger at the cantina prior. Not wanting to kiss the Gamorrean, Zora made her escape rather quickly from his advances, leaving the Gamorrean heartbroken and a tad angry.

The group head towards Jabba’s palace, leaving Hope, Qui Gon, and an incoming Obi-Wan Kenobi to watch over Anakin. After a round of mind tricks they gained entrance with the less than legal and far less unmixed spice goods and made a deal with Jabba: Information on the pod race tomorrow, 1,000 credits, and two slave girls.

Leaving the palace the alarm was sounded as the impure spice was discovered by the Hutt. After a few quick escapes from guards and cloaked droids, the group was pinned down by a sniper in mandalorian armor. Trandomar having taken a great wound on the top of his head after seeing a giant Hutt sitting sideways on the palace and eating spice, the party was in dire straights. The great doctor Owen administered his special space to Zora and Trinity, who become the greatest force users who ever lived! At least in their minds.

Folding Space to the sniper rifle, half the party appeared in the air, the other half on the balcony. The sniper was by no means ready for such a manouver, and from a fury of javelins and force powers hurled through the air and then brought down by some precision shooting from So Leet.

Trinity and Zora folded space again, and with their abilities gone wild the party was divded. Trinity ended up back on the ship with her husband Shill, then went out to renovate Mos Espa. Zora and Owen ended up in a jail with her ex-husband Gamorrean, who was now missing an arm. The soon folded space out to a cantina in Mos Espa. Unfortunately, their destination was in Jabba’s palace rather than the desert city…

Magnus, So Leet, and Trandomar appeared near the sniper and he was quickly removed of his goods and interrogated. He said that powerful people were behind Jabba’s manouvers and bargained with his life for the codes to the power plant that was generating the cloaking field masking all of the droids. Releasing their prison the group headed towards the entrance of the power plant to enact some sabotage and possibly some destruction.

Will our heroes manage to save Anakin’s life in the pod race? Will they be able to elude or destroy Jabba’s guards while dealing with the cloaking power plant? What will the after effects of the spice be on the fulminar? Will Zora finally accept the Gamorrean Ortuuugg as her new lover and husband? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XV! Ravages of Time!



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